Mobile Recharge Payment

What is ER

Empire ReEarn is an online digital portal with multiple services and earning platform to grow your income. All your Recharges, Bill Payments can be done easily online with Empire ReEarn (ER).

All your daily utility bill payment can be done easily online as ER offers online recharge for mobile, DTH and Datacard. It also provides online bill payment services for landline, broadband, electricity, gas pipeline along with insurance premium.

It is just that a user has to register himself/herself at ER and become ER user to avail all the benefits of ER services.

But, apart from the immediate online recharge service of mobile and DTH, ER also provides an amazing cashback on every mobile and DTH recharge as well.

The user is offered cashback soon after his/her online mobile or DTH recharge process is done. This cashback amount will be transferred to your Approx Income. However, this amount can be transferred to You Earned, only if you fulfill the company’s monthly mandatory condition of Topup and Recharge of mobile or DTH of the specific amount decided by ER.

This indeed can help you retrieve the amount spent for getting your recharge process. This is how, you begin to earn money on every recharge of mobile & dth .

ER User Benefits

ER user also has the potential to earn income along with other ER services.

ER comprises income services like Self Turnover Income, Team Turnover Income, Referral Turnover Income and Rewards.

ER user can begin to earn Self Turnover Income based on his self-efforts, that is, when he does mobile and DTH recharge from his own profile at ER. Referral Turnover Income is attained on the turnover of ER user’s direct referred user (friends and family) mobile and DTH recharge. Similarly, ER user can also make money from his Team Turnover Income on the total turnover of his referral users together with refer to referred users’ mobile and DTH recharge. ER user can get Reward from the company when the user has maintained the target level within the time frame decided by the company, plus, user has completed the target of top-up and recharge of mobile or DTH of non-repeated team members.

ER user can transfer his/her balance to any ER user through You Earned or Target Balance via ER to ER Transfer feature, no matter when or where any of ER users are placed.

In addition to this facility, ER user can transfer the balance to the respective bank account from Bank Transfer Service of Empire ReEarn.

ER is one of the best online options to offer various income facilities to its ER user. The user can grow income very smartly but easily.

Be an ER user to get multiple benefits of ER services