Gas Bill Payment

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Pay your gas bill online from ER

  • With the continuous increase in the use of smartphone, there has been sudden growth in the use of online services as well. People tend to use online platform for their daily requirement such as bill payment services for their utility services, which includes gas bill payment as well. ER is also one of such online platform that provides online gas bill payment facility thought its app or ER website. Gone are the days spending hours in long queues at service provider’s office and wait for the turn, ER is one of the best online medium for the different types of utility bill payment in not more than a minute.

Quickest online piped gas bill payment app

  • With the current hush and bush of life, we tend to look out for a medium that provides quick payment online bill payment. Using ER would allow you to make payment of gas bill online with no time limitations. Your gas bill payment will be done quickly online from anywhere through ER, even if you are at home, on vacation or at office. You do not have to make an effort to physically reach service provider’s office and complete your bill payment. Just use ER app or ER website for an immediate and quick solution related to your gas pipeline bill payment. ER actually provides online services for operators like mahanagar, sabarmati,vadodara, HP, gujarat, adani etc.

Secured platform for the online payment

  • We are always afraid while paying online, we fear of our personal data being leaked. But you can be assured of your data protection while using ER. All your private data like credit or debit card details, date of birth, email id, password or more will always remain safe at ER. Your money transactions will be processed through the gateways of the chosen banks to ensure maximum security.


1. Apart from gas bill payment , does ER offer other utility bill payment services?

Other than the gas bill payment online services, ER offers online bill payment services for electricity, gas pipeline, broadband. You can also pay for your life insurance premium via ER.

2. Does ER offer cashback on datacard bill payment?

No, ER offers cashback only on recharge services. There is no cashback facility for online bill payment.

3. How many recharging services does ER offer?

You can make instant online recharge of your mobile, DTH or datacard from ER.

4. How will I get my cashback after I have recharged my DTH?

The received cashback amount after DTH recharge procedure will be transferred to your Approx Income. However, this amount can be transferred to You Earned, only if you fulfill the company’s monthly mandatory condition of Topup and Recharge of mobile or DTH of the specific amount decided by the company.

5. What is the monthly mandatory condition of ER?

The user has to make Topup and Recharge of mobile or DTH of the specific amount decided by the company every month.